Office tapings and wallpapers

First, we will help you define the specific purpose your office tapings should serve. Do you want to create a brand-enhancing look, a visual barrier, or a shield against the sun’s glare or heat? We are fascinated by how much impact can be created with a very small amount of material. With carefully designed office tapings, the look of your space can be significantly transformed. The comfort and usability of your facilities will be improved, and individual spaces become multi-purpose workspaces. Do you want to participate in the design process of your taping or wallpaper? That can be arranged!

On this web page you will find our offerings in Finland, where our head office is located. Outside of Finland, our offerings vary from country to country. Please ensure the availability of the product or service in your country. If you have questions, we are here to help.


We know. There is a huge variety of tapings and foils, who has a clue? We do! We will help you to choose the right products and technologies. Contact us, let’s work it out!
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